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Enter either a part of or the whole 11-digit National Drug Code (NDC) or product name to receive information on covered products such as package size and whether the product requires a preferred drug and/or Clinical Prior Authorization.  On the returned results, click the “Drug Name/Description” for additional information such as coverage dates for all programs, package size, units, and pricing.

When searching by “Drug Name/Description”, the string of letters entered will return all records that match that string.  For example, a search of "Act" will return records for "Actonel" through "Actos."  To capture all records, enter the "%" (percent) symbol as your criteria in any field.  If your search does not produce the expected results, re-enter the criteria making it less specific, such as entering only the first letter of the item.

Sometimes web browsers show old data in search results. To ensure that your browser shows the most up-to-date version of a webpage, hold the SHIFT key down on the keyboard and, at the same time, use the mouse to click the refresh/reload icon in your browser.  This will force the browser to go to the Internet and get a fresh copy of the data.