Pharmacy Providers

Pharmacy providers that want to participate in the Medicaid/CHIP Vendor Drug Program must be contracted prior to providing outpatient prescription services, and must be contracted with VDP before participating in any Medicaid managed care network.

Managed care organizations must allow any pharmacy provider willing to accept the terms and conditions of the MCO/PBM contract to enroll in their network. To participate in the Medicaid or CHIP managed care networks the pharmacy must contact the individual managed care health plans
To enroll with the Vendor Drug Program, or to notify the state of any changes in your pharmacy contract, please contact Medicaid/CHIP Contract Compliance and Support.

Prescribing Providers

Prescribing physicians do not enroll with the Vendor Drug Program but demographic data about prescribers is received monthly from various state licensing bodies, including the Texas Medical Board, Texas State Board of Dental Examiners, Texas State Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners, Texas Optometry Board, Texas Board of Nursing, and Texas State Board of Pharmacy.  This information is loaded into the VDP claims system and used in the adjudication process.

The following provider types are loaded:

  • Medical doctors (MD)
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)
  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)
  • Doctor of Podiatry (DP & DPM)
  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN)
  • Prescribing Pharmacist (PH)
  • Physician Assistants (PA)
  • Therapeutic Optometrist & Glaucoma Specialist (OD & OGD)

If the doctor's National Provider Identifier (NPI) is not on file with VDP then users may query the NPI Registry. Pharmacy staff can contact VDP to have the NPI added and allow claims to process.