Lookup Criteria

The lookup allows users to search for information about prescribers, including:

  • The license number.
  • The 10-digit National Provider Identifier (NPI).
  • The name of the prescriber.
  • The name of the city where the prescriber is located.

Filters are available to identify specific subsets of the data:

  •  “Provider Type” identifies the type of prescriber (e.g. medical doctor, dentist, etc.)

The lookup allows different combinations of text and filters to be used.  When searching by name or city, the string of letters entered will return all records that match that string.  For example, a search of "Ab" will return records for “Abacab” through “Absolutum”.  To capture all records, enter the percent symbol (“%”) as your criteria in any text field.  If your search does not produce the expected results, refine the criteria making it less specific, such as entering only the first letter of a name.

Lookup Results

The lookup will return results that match the initial criteria, including:

  • NPI
  • State license number
  • Prescriber name and address (city, state, and ZIP)

Lookup Details

Users can click the prescriber’s license number on the returned results to obtain specific information about that prescriber, including:

  • Demographic and location information, including degree and specialty
  • Effective dates


  • The pharmacy data is updated weekly, on Monday or the first non-holiday day of the week.
  • The prescriber data is also available as a semicolon delimited text file that can be downloaded and viewed locally.  The downloaded file must be imported into a spreadsheet/database application to be viewed properly.
  • Please contact the Vendor Drug Program if this lookup is unavailable or for questions about the data returned.
  • Sometimes web browsers show old data in search results. To ensure that your browser shows the most up-to-date version of a webpage, hold the Shift key down on the keyboard and, at the same time, use the mouse to click the refresh/reload icon of your browser.  This will force the browser to download the latest version of the data.