Other Medicaid benefits available in response to Zika virus prevention include oral contraceptives and long-acting reversible contraceptive products that help to prevent pregnancy. These are available as a Medicaid benefit to eligible individuals. Other covered benefits include family planning services, diagnostic testing, targeted case management, physical therapy, long-term services and support, acetaminophen and oral electrolytes for Zika virus symptoms, and potential coverage for additional ultrasounds for pregnant women.

Zika testing is a Medicaid and CHIP benefit. Medicaid providers should refer to the DSHS Zika testing guidelines on TexasZika.org to determine if Zika testing is appropriate for their clients. Providers may bill Zika virus testing using procedure codes 86794 and 87662, as noted in section (Zika Virus Testing) of the Radiology and Laboratory Services Handbook of Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual (tmhp.com/resources/provider-manuals/tmppm). Testing is not a benefit of the Healthy Texas Women Program.