Preferred Drug List Process

Refer to the Medicaid Non-preferred Prior Authorization section for more information. Refer to the Preferred Drug Documents for quarterly PDL recommendations and biannual PDL documents and criteria guides.

Tentative Yearly Drug Class Review Schedule Published

At the end of each calendar year, HHSC publishes a tentative schedule of the drug classes planned for review at the following year’s Texas Drug Utilization Review Board meetings. HHSC establishes the schedule and accounts for various seasonal health conditions, such as influenza.

Tentative Quarterly Drug Class Review Schedule Published

After each DUR Board meeting, HHSC publishes a tentative list of drug classes for review at the next board meeting.

DUR Board Agenda Published

A month before the meeting, HHSC finalizes the DUR board agenda with the drugs and drug classes scheduled for review.

Presentation to DUR Board

Contractor staff present information to the board on behalf of HHSC about existing drug classes and therapeutic and clinical drug information regarding new drugs up for the current quarter review. The public can testify in front of the board about these drugs.

Refer to the Testimony information in the Texas Drug Utilization Review Board Handbook for testimony forms and instructions.

Refer to Live and Archived Meetings page on the HHSC website ( for webcasts of past DUR board meetings.

PDL Recommendations Published

The board recommends drugs and drug classes for inclusion to the PDL based on clinical, financial, and safety at each board meeting. HHSC publishes a list of the recommendations online within 10 business days after each meeting.

PDL Decisions Published

The Texas HHSC Executive Commissioner reviews and approves the list of recommended PDL changes. HHSC publishes the list of the approved decisions 2-3 months after each meeting.

PDL and Criteria Guide Published

HHSC publishes the PDL document twice a year based on the following schedule:

  • The Jan. PDL includes recommendations from the July and Oct. board meetings
  • The July PDL includes recommendations from the Jan. and April board meetings

The Preferred Drug List Criteria Guide outlines the criteria used to evaluate the non-preferred prior authorization requests. HHSC updates the criteria at the same time as the PDL.


The following table identifies the PDL events and when they occur.

Board Meets PDL Recommendations Published PDL Decisions Published PDL Published
Jan. Jan. March-April July
April April June-July July
July July Sept.-Oct. Jan.
Oct. Oct. Dec.-Jan. Jan.