Payment Files

Pharmacy providers receive the following files each week:

  • Standard ASC X12N 835 Health Care Payment/Advice
  • VDP payment register in portable document format (PDF)

The files identify paid or reversed claims. Pharmacy providers should examine each document and maintain documents for future reference. Payment files are not mailed, and pharmacy providers must obtain the files from the HHSC Payment File Portal.

Payment File Portal

The Pharmacy Payment File Portal (PFP) ( is a browser-based portal pharmacy providers use to obtain pharmacy remittance advice files. All Medicaid-enrolled pharmacy providers are eligible to create a free account. The PFP is accessible only through the Microsoft® Internet Explorer® browser.

Download the Pharmacy Electronic Remittance Advice Agreement (HHSC Form 1316) to set up your account. Third-party entities accessing payment information on behalf of pharmacy providers must also complete the form. Changes, terminations and addition of providers for third party entities must be reported by submitting an updated form.

Refer to the Pharmacy Payment section for PFP Correspondence.

State Comptroller

Pharmacies may view their payment information through an account with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. Refer to the State Payee Payment Resources page of the Comptroller's website to learn more.