STAR Health Eligibility

STAR Health is a statewide, comprehensive healthcare system designed to better coordinate and improve access to health care for:

  • Children in conservatorship of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) (under age 18).
  • Young adults in CPS extended foster care (ages 18 through 20)
  • Young adults who were previously under DFPS conservatorship and have returned to foster care through voluntary foster care agreements (ages 18 through 20.)
  • Young adults eligible for Medicaid for Former Foster Care Children (FFCC) will continue coverage through the STAR Medicaid Managed Care plan of their choice from age 21 through the month of their 26th birthday.

STAR Health provides a full-range of Medicaid covered medical and behavioral health services for children in DFPS conservatorship and young adults in DFPS paid placements. Children taken into state conservatorship will be issued one or more of the following forms:

  • Medicaid Eligibility Verification (HHSC Form 1027-A)
  • Designation of Medical Consenter for non-DFPS Employee (DFPS Form 2085-B)

These forms will include either a Medicaid ID number or the 16-digit DFPS number. Pharmacy providers are allowed to submit prescription claims with the DFPS number immediately, without having to wait for a Medicaid ID to be assigned. After the person receives a Medicaid number, the pharmacy must submit subsequent claims using the Medicaid ID and not the DFPS number.