1.2. Pediatrics

The FDA requires that all antidepressant drugs display a black box warning describing the potential for increased suicidal thinking and behavior when prescribed to children and adolescents with MDD and other psychiatric disorders. In short-term clinical trials, the suicide risk occurred twice as frequently with antidepressant-treated children/adolescents compared to those receiving placebo (4% vs. 2%, respectively) in the first few months of treatment. Pediatric patients prescribed antidepressant drugs should be closely monitored for changes in behavior.

Maximum recommended doses for non-SSRI antidepressants approved for use as monotherapy in pediatric patients are summarized in Tables 8-10. An additional column reflecting literature-based dosing included in the Texas Health and Human Services Psychotropic Medication Utilization Parameters for Children and Youth in Texas Public Behavioral Health (6th Version) is included in Tables 8-11. Dosages exceeding these recommendations will be reviewed.