Table 2. Adult Benzodiazepine Maximum Recommended Dosages: Combination Therapy

Drug Name Dosage Form/Strength Treatment Indication Maximum Recommended Dosage
chlordiazepoxide/ amitriptyline (Limbitrol®, generics) 5 mg/12.5 mg tablets 10 mg/25 mg double-strength tablets depression with concurrent anxiety symptoms 60 mg chlordiazepoxide/ 150 mg amitriptyline daily in divided doses
chlordiazepoxide/ clidinium (Librax®, generics) 5 mg/ 2.5 mg capsule emotional/ somatic factors in gastro-intestinal disorders; adjunctive therapy in peptic ulcer disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and acute enterocolitis 40 mg/20 mg per day (2 capsules 4 times daily)