1.1.1. Transmucosal Lozenges (Actiq®, generic)

Patients receiving fentanyl oral transmucosal lozenges for breakthrough pain are prescribed an initial dose of 200 mcg with instructions to allow the lozenge to dissolve over 15 minutes as the product is not designed to be chewed. Until the appropriate dose is reached, patients may find it necessary to use an additional oral transmucosal unit during a single episode. Re-dosing may begin 30 minutes after the start of the previous unit. During the titration phase, no more than two units should be administered for each individual cancer breakthrough pain episode. Patients must wait at least 4 hours before administering fentanyl oral transmucosal lozenges for another episode of breakthrough pain. To limit the number of units during the titration period, patients should be prescribed a maximum supply of six 200 mcg fentanyl oral transmucosal lozenges. At each new dose of oral transmucosal lozenge required by a patient, it is recommended that no more than six units of the titration dose be prescribed. Once a successful dose is identified for a patient, the quantity of lozenges utilized by a patient should be limited to 4 or fewer units per day. If consumption increases to greater than 4 units per day, the dose of the long-acting opiate should be re-evaluated. To discontinue use of fentanyl oral transmucosal lozenges, a downward titration is recommended to minimize potential withdrawal adverse effects1, 7-15.