A-2.10. Removal from the Board

The HHSC executive commissioner may remove a member from the Board for the following reasons:

  • A) A member votes or deliberates on an issue that presents a conflict of interest. A conflict of interest, as defined in Section 3 above and at Texas Administrative Code, Title 1, Part 15, Chapter 354, Subchapter F, Division 8, Rule section 354.1942(a)(2), includes a situation that would provide monetary or other gain to the member's family member or relative, or an entity with which the member is closely affiliated.
  • B) A member refuses to sign or violates the Conflict of Interest statement or Nondisclosure Agreement or any documents required in the Bylaws or another Nondisclosure Agreement.
  • C) A member does not maintain a high level of integrity that warrants public trust, including complying with all applicable ethics guidance provided by HHSC's Ethics Officers and all aspects of the Texas Open Meetings Act and Public Information Act.
  • D) A member changes status that alters the category of membership that the member was filling.
  • E) A member loses his or her license or no longer actively practices.
  • F) A member claims or appears to represent HHSC or the Board in a legislative or advocacy without approval from the Board chair and the HHS Ethics Office in coordination with the HHS Government and Stakeholder Relations Office and the Board liaison.
  • G) A member receives payment for any services requested because he or she holds a position on the Board.
  • H) A member discloses confidential, including draft, information acquired through his or her participation on the Board not in accordance with the Bylaws. 
  • I) A member, in a 12-month period, misses three meetings with or without notice to HHSC Board liaison.

The HHSC executive commissioner may remove a member who has violated the conflict-of-interest provisions or acted in violation of the Statement by Members form. Decisions to remove a member of the Board due to violations of this nature will require input from HHSC legal counsel.