A-2.14. Statement by Members

  • The HHSC and the Drug Utilization Review Board (Board) are not bound in any way by any statement or action on the part of any Board member except when a statement or action is in pursuit of specific instructions from HHSC or the Board.
  • The Board and its members may not claim or appear to represent HHSC or the Board in any legislative or advocacy activity without approval from the Board Chair and the HHS Ethics Office in coordination with the Government Relations Office. A member may, however, represent him- or herself or another entity in the legislative or advocacy process.
  • A Board member may not accept payment for services that are requested because of the member’s title or position on this Board.
  • A Board member should not accept or solicit any benefit that might reasonably tend to influence the member in the discharge of the member's official Board duties.
  • A Board member should not knowingly solicit, accept, or agree to accept any benefit for having exercised the member's official powers or duties in favor of another person.
  • A Board member shall complete the full Texas Open Meetings Act Training and the Public Information Act Training within 90 days of appointment and submit the Certificates of Completion to the Board Liaison. A member who has taken the training within the last five years may submit a copy of the Certificate of Completion to the Board Liaison in lieu of retaking the training. A Board member shall complete full Texas Open Meetings Act Training and the Public Information Act Training every five years and complete refresher sessions as needed or as warranted.
  • Nondisclosure agreement. A Board member may not disclose confidential information or agency-generated information in draft form acquired through his or her Board membership unless HHSC has released and made public the information or document, the HHS Executive Commissioner has approved the release in writing or the HHS Ethics Policy permits release. This requirement survives the member's tenure on the Board. For purposes of the Nondisclosure Agreement, the term "confidential information" includes all information protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), information that has commercial value or use, such as trade secrets, and information communicated in confidence by the HHS System.
  • Conflict of Interest Statement. I agree to disclose any personal or private conflict of interest that myself or my family member or relative have in a measure, proposal, or decision pending before HHSC. ("Personal or private interest" does not include the member's engagement in a profession, trade, or occupation when the member's interest is the same as all others similarly engaged in the profession, trade, or occupation, or if the member merely provides a personal experience, with no personal or private financial conflict of interest, in giving feedback on the subject matter.) If there is a direct personal or financial conflict of interest in a motion under consideration, I further agree to disclose that fact in a public meeting and will recuse myself from any Board deliberations or decisions on that matter.

I have been provided a copy of the Drug Utilization Review Board bylaws. I understand that as a member of the Board I must adhere to the bylaws.

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