Formulary Drug Search

The formulary drug database file contains all drugs available in Medicaid, CHIP, and other state programs. HHSC updates the database weekly.

Users can search the database by submitting a combination of the following fields:

  • Drug name
  • 11-digit NDC
  • Manufacturer name
  • Preferred drug class

Users can also filter findings by selecting the following:

  • By program
    • Medicaid, CHIP, CSHCN, HTW, HTW-Plus, and KHC
  • By identifiers
    • Drugs requiring non-preferred prior authorization
    • Drugs requiring clinical prior authorization in traditional Medicaid
    • Family planning drugs
    • Drugs requiring 90% use before a refill
    • Over the counter drugs
    • Injectable drugs
    • Drugs identified as long-acting reversible contraception products

The search results return the brand and generic name of the drug, the NDC and manufacturer name, PDL class name, identifiers for PDL and traditional Medicaid clinical prior authorization requirements, and the name of state programs in which the drug is allowed.

Users can click the hyperlink in the Brand Name/Generic Name column for more information about the drug, including pricing information and program coverage.