W-5.2. Opening Data Files

You can use Microsoft Microsoft Excel® to open the file to make the content readable and sortable.

  1. Open Microsoft Excel®, select File, then Open, and then browse to the location containing the downloaded text file
  2. From the “File Type” dropdown list, select “Text Files”
  3. Locate and double-click the text file you want to open.
  4. The Text Import Wizard will open:
    1. Step 1:
      1. For original data type, select Delimited
      2. Click next
    2. Step 2:
      1. In the Delimiters section:
        1. Unselect the Tab check box.
        2. Select the Other check box
        3. Enter the pipe | character in the box to the right containing the cursor
      2. Click next
    3. Step 3:
      1. Click finish
  5. Go to File, Save As, and from the file type dropdown list, select “Excel Workbook”