September 21, 2017

The following emergency provisions are extended through Oct. 31 for all counties under the Texas Governor's Disaster Declaration:

  • Effective Aug. 26, 2017, the Texas Department of Insurance released a Commissioner's Bulletin (#B-0014-17) requires MCOs to provide coverage for up to 90-day supplies of prescription drugs that would be denied or rejected due to an early refill limitation.
  • The Texas State Board of Pharmacy and Texas HHS are allowing pharmacies to dispense up to 30 days of a prescription drug, other than a Schedule II drug, in the case that an emergency refill is needed. Emergency refills are refills made without the authorization of the prescribing physician (e.g. no refills remaining on prescription). State law does not allow for more than 30 days to be dispensed without a physician's authorization. This notice and additional guidance from the Texas State Board of Pharmacy are available online.

The Governor has expanded the number of counties under the Disaster Declaration first released Aug. 23.  A total of 60 counties now fall under the scope of the Disaster Declaration. A full list of the affected counties is available online.