February 1, 2018

The February 2018 Texas Medicaid Preferred Drug List (PDL) is available.  The document also includes appendices for cough and cold products, iron oral agents, and prenatal vitamins products.  New additions to the document include a cover sheet with formulary- and PDL-related information, notations for drugs requiring clinical prior authorization, and PDL review schedule.

The PDL is also available through the Epocrates drug information system.  Please note that Epocrates does not mirror the HHSC designations that are differentiated by dosage form.  In these situations, the designation is accompanied by an explanatory message.

Below are a few of the noteworthy changes:

Drug Name Previous status February 2018 status
Exelon Preferred Non-preferred
Memantine tablet Preferred Non-preferred
Rivastigmine Non-preferred Preferred
Suprax Preferred Non-preferred
Emflaza suspension and tablet Not previously reviewed Non-preferred
Farxiga (oral) Non-preferred Preferred
Invokamet XR (oral) Not previously reviewed Non-preferred
Invokamet (oral) Preferred Non-preferred
Invokana (oral) Preferred Non-preferred
Jardiance (oral) Non-preferred Preferred
Synjardy (oral) Non-preferred Preferred
Synjardy XR (oral) Not previously reviewed Non-preferred
Makena MDV Not previously reviewed Preferred
Makena SDV Not previously reviewed Preferred

New therapeutic classes include:

  • Progestational Agents