February 9, 2018

The Texas Drug Utilization Review Board met Nov. 3, 2017, to make recommendations about drugs to be included on the Medicaid preferred drug list (PDL), and the approved list of PDL decisions is now available. 


  • PDL Decisions from the Jul. 28, 2017, meeting were implemented on Feb. 1.
  • PDL Decisions from the Nov. 3 meeting will implement on Friday, Mar. 9

All recommendations from November’s meeting were accepted with the exception of Latuda and Tamiflu:

  • Latuda remains preferred in the Antipsychotic class.
  • Tamiflu capsules and suspension will retain its preferred status.  Also, oseltamivir will change from non-preferred status to preferred status in the Antiviral, Oral/Nasal class.  This change to preferred status will be effective Friday, March 9.