June 19, 2020

Texas Medicaid will publish the semi-annual update of the Medicaid preferred drug list on July 30. The update is based on changes presented and recommended at the Jan. and May 2020 Texas Drug Utilization Review Board meetings. Drug decisions from the Jan. meeting and recommendations from the May meeting are available. The recent temporary PDL changes addressing reported drug shortages will not impact the July PDL update. The PDL will not revise any drug in the short-acting beta agonists or glucocorticoids-inhaled class, or Concerta or Aggrenox. The tables below summarize noteworthy changes for the July update.

New preferred drug classes:

  • Glucagon Agents
  • Immunomodulators, Asthma
  • Sickle Cell Anemia Treatments

Drugs on the Texas Medicaid formulary are designated as preferred, non-preferred, or have neither designation. The preferred drug list includes only drugs identified as either preferred or non-preferred:

  • Drugs not on the preferred list, or drugs identified on the list as "preferred", are available to people without prior authorization.
  • Drugs on the list identified as "non-preferred" will require prior authorization.
  • Some preferred and non-preferred drugs may require clinical prior authorization.
  • The Preferred Drug List Criteria Guide (PDF) outlines the criteria used to evaluate the non-preferred prior authorization requests. It will be updated by July 30 to reflect the recent changes.

Decisions from Jan. 24

Drug Name Current Status Status as of July 30
  • Ingrezza (Oral)
  • Ingrezza Initiation Pack (oral)
  • Xtampza ER (Oral)
Non-preferred Preferred

Recommendations from May 22

Drug Name Current Status Status as of July 30
  • Bromocriptine (oral)
Preferred Non-Preferred
  • Baqsimi (nasal)
  • Droxia (oral)
  • Fasenra Pen (subcutaneous)
  • Glucagon (injection)
  • Glucagon Emergency Kit (Lilly) (injection)
  • Hydroxyurea (oral)
  • Proglycem Suspension (oral)
No status Preferred
  • Endari (oral)
  • Glucagon Emergency Kit(Fresenius) (injection)
  • Gvoke Syringe (subcutaneous)
  • Gvoke Pen (subcutaneous)
  • Nucala Auto-injector (subcutaneous)
  • Nucala Syringe (subcutaneous)
  • Oxbryta (oral)
  • Reyvow (oral)
  • Siklos (oral)
  • Ubrelvy (oral)
No status Non-Preferred