September 14, 2020

The Texas Drug Utilization Review (DUR) Board scheduled for Oct. will take place over two days. Thursday, Oct. 22, 2020, has been scheduled to allow sufficient time for public testimony regarding the new drug classes anticonvulsants, antihemophilic, antineoplastic (i.e., anti-cancer), antiretroviral (i.e., anti-HIV), and medications used to treat multiple sclerosis. These drug classes are not currently reviewed on the Texas Medicaid Preferred Drug List (PDL). All medications within these newly-reviewed drug classes will be preferred and continue to be available without PDL prior authorization. The remainder of the meeting takes place Friday, Oct. 23.

The Oct. board meeting will take place virtually and will have two separate agendas with two different attendance registration forms, one for each day. Those individuals who wish to provide public testimony for the newly reviewed drug classes must also register for public comment for the appropriate day. For Thursday, the names of the new drug classes will appear on the PDL as follows:

  • Anticonvulsants
  • Hemophilia Treatment – (i.e., Antihemophilic)
  • Oncology, Oral – Breast (i.e., Antineoplastic)
  • Oncology, Oral – Hematologic (i.e., Antineoplastic)
  • Oncology, Oral – Lung (i.e., Antineoplastic)
  • Oncology, Oral – Other (i.e., Antineoplastic)
  • Oncology, Oral – Prostate (i.e., Antineoplastic)
  • Oncology, Oral – Renal Cell (i.e., Antineoplastic)
  • Oncology, Oral – Skin (i.e., Antineoplastic)
  • HIV /AIDS (i.e., Antiretroviral)
  • Multiple Sclerosis agents

Medications within these new drug classes do not currently undergo clinical review for efficacy, clinical significance, or safety. Including these new drug classes on the PDL will allow the board to perform a clinical review of all medications included within each drug class. Upon board review, all medications within these newly reviewed drug classes will have preferred status and continue to be available without PDL prior authorization.

As with previous board meetings, an option for written testimony will also be available for both days. More information regarding dates for registration and testimony is forthcoming.

DUR Board