Branded Concerta Tablets Return to Non-Preferred Status on Oct. 16

Published on
September 18, 2020

VDP temporarily removed the non-preferred status for brand Concerta products in the Stimulants drug class on April 23 in response to reported drug shortages. VDP will reverse this change in status because of sufficient availability in the market. VDP made this determination after verifying the current availability of the preferred Methylphenidate ER tablet products, as well as the non-preferred brand Concerta products through multiple sources such as ASHP, FDA, manufacturers, wholesalers, and pharmacies in various regions around Texas.

VDP will restore the non-preferred status on the drugs below on Oct. 16 because of sufficient product availability. For a complete list of all preferred products in the Stimulants drug class, refer to the July 2020 Preferred Drug List. Contact for questions or comments.

NDC Drug Name
50458058501 CONCERTA ER 18 MG TABLET
50458058801 CONCERTA ER 27 MG TABLET
50458058601 CONCERTA ER 36 MG TABLET
50458058701 CONCERTA ER 54 MG TABLET