Alinia Clinical Prior Authorization Criteria Revision Effective Nov. 23

Published on
September 17, 2021

HHSC will revise the Alinia (nitazoxanide) clinical prior authorization criteria effective Nov. 23, 2021. The changes correspond to the current list of drugs requiring prior authorization in the clinical criteria. HHSC will remove the drug generic code numbers (GCNs) for the Alinia suspension and tablet brand-name drugs and replaced with the GCNs for the generic nitazoxanide tablets on the Medicaid formulary. Additionally, HHSC will remove the criteria for Alinia and rename the document “Nitazoxanide.”

The Nitazoxanide clinical prior authorization is optional for managed care. The Clinical Prior Authorization Assistance Chart indicates which prior authorization each MCO uses. The chart is updated quarterly. Providers can also refer to the MCO Resources for links to each MCO's list of clinical prior authorizations.