Temporary Change in PDL Status for Clonidine Transdermal Patches Effective Sept. 26

September 26, 2022

HHSC is aware of a drug shortage for Catapres-TTS patches in the Antihypertensives-Sympatholytics drug class due to the discontinuation of this product by the manufacturer, Boehringer Ingelheim. HHSC received reports of a shortage from managed care organizations and verified it with the manufacturer.

In response to the shortage of the preferred brand name product Catapres-TTS patches, HHSC temporarily removed the non-preferred status from the generic product, clonidine transdermal patches, on the preferred drug list (PDL). The preferred status of the brand name products (NDC 00597-0031-34, 00597-0032-34, and 00597-0033-34), will not change in order to allow for any existing stock available to be utilized. HHSC removed the non-preferred status for the following generic drugs, effective Sept. 26.

These changes will allow providers to prescribe the generic clonidine transdermal patches without requiring a PDL prior authorization and continue accessing necessary medication for clients. This is a temporary change until the availability of any alternative brand name products in the PDL class for Antihypertensives-Sympatholytics can be further assessed. HHSC will provide further announcements regarding future PDL status changes for these NDCs when this information becomes available.

NDC Generic Drug Name
00378-0871-99 CLONIDINE 0.1 MG/DAY PATCH
00378-0871-99 CLONIDINE 0.1 MG/DAY PATCH
00591-3508-04 CLONIDINE 0.1 MG/DAY PATCH
51862-0453-04 CLONIDINE 0.2 MG/DAY PATCH
00378-0872-99 CLONIDINE 0.2 MG/DAY PATCH
00591-3509-04 CLONIDINE 0.2 MG/DAY PATCH
51862-0454-04 CLONIDINE 0.3 MG/DAY PATCH
00378-0873-99 CLONIDINE 0.3 MG/DAY PATCH
00591-3510-04 CLONIDINE 0.3 MG/DAY PATCH