HHSC allows members of the public to submit two types of testimony to the DUR board:

  • Written testimony: submitted electronically or on paper in the weeks before the meeting
  • Public testimony: oral presentations on the day of the meeting

Your testimony must address one of the agenda items related to the preferred drug list, prospective or retrospective drug utilization reviews, or retrospective drug use criteria. You must complete one form for each type of presentation. Any special testimony instructions are announced before the meeting.

Contact us if you have questions about these procedures.

Written Testimony

Complete and submit the Written Testimony Registration (HHS Form 1334) to submit materials for the board to review. Your submission packet must include the form and any accompanying materials. Materials should be submitted no sooner than the first day of the meeting month and received within 5 business days after the meeting agenda published on HHSC website.

  • Form 1334 instructions
    • HHSC publishes a new form for each meeting at least 10 business days before the meeting.
    • Original form submissions are required. We do not accept photographs or reproductions.
  • Accompanying materials instructions
    • Must be a separate document not exceeding 10 pages
    • Include 2 copies if mailed. HHSC will not reproduce your materials.
    • Must not require audiovisual equipment to review
    • Promotional/marketing materials are not allowed
    • Must not include protected health information or other confidential information

Public Testimony

Complete and submit the Public Testimony Registration (HHS Form 1320). HHSC publishes a new form for each meeting available:

  • Online, beginning 10 days before the meeting
  • At the meeting site

You may download and complete the form before the meeting. The form is only accepted the day of the meeting at the meeting location. Speakers should deliver their form during one of the following registration times:

  • Between 8 and 9 a. m. for preferred drug list agenda items
    • Scheduled for comment before the executive work session
  • Between 11:30 a. m. and 12:30 p. m. for prospective and retrospective drug utilization agenda items
    • Scheduled for comment after the executive session

HHSC staff are available on the day of the meeting to receive the form and ensure all information is provided.


  • Testimony is limited to three minutes at the discretion of the Chair
  • Presenters should begin their presentation by stating their name and the organization represented and ensure your information is new and relevant to the agenda item
  • Audiovisual equipment and marketing materials are not allowed
  • Presentations on non-actionable issues may be disallowed by the Chair