Vendor Drug Program Website Survey

May 31, 2015

Take 5 minutes to share your thoughts on our website with our survey, now through May 31.

What We Do

The Medicaid/CHIP Vendor Drug Program:

  • Enrolls pharmacy providers that want to provide Medicaid and CHIP services;
  • Manages the State of Texas Medicaid and CHIP formularies;
  • Processes out-patient pharmacy prescription claims for Medicaid fee-for-service, the Texas Women's Health Program, the DSHS Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) Services Program, and the DSHS Kidney Health Care (KHC) program.

Continuing Education

Watch these multi-part guides to learn about dispensing Texas Medicaid prescriptions, DME, and pharmacy prior authorization:

training videos for pharmacists

Training videos for pharmacy staff 

Chapters include Obtaining a Prior Authorization, Dispensing a 72-hour emergency supply, Confirming eligibility, and Durable medical equipment.

training videos for physicians

Training videos for physicians

Chapters include Preferred Drug List, E-Prescribing (E-Rx), and 72-hour Emergency Prescription Claims.

News Highlights

Hepatitis C Virus Drugs And Clinical Edit Added

April 8, 2015

VDP added two Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) drugs to Medicaid Formulary and implemented a standard HCV clinical prior authorization edit for all HCV drugs on Wednesday, April 8.  More about the Hepatitis C changes.