Maintaining Enrollment

Enrolled pharmacy providers must notify HHSC through PEMS of any change to the information provided in their application Per the pharmacy enrollment agreement (Part 3, Subpart F). This includes the following information:

  • Pharmacy type
  • Billing and physical addresses
  • Phone and fax numbers
  • Key personnel (i.e., owners, control interests, pharmacists)
  • Financial information, including direct deposit
  • Store closure

Refer to your pharmacy enrollment agreement for all requirements of enrollment information updating processes.

In a change of ownership or control, an owner must notify HHSC through PEMS at least 15 business days before the change of ownership or control occurs. HHSC does not perform retroactive changes of ownership regarding the pharmacy enrollment agreement.

Pharmacies can verify their information on the Pharmacy search ( and should submit corrections through PEMS. If your information is incorrect or incomplete, you risk not receiving correspondence from HHSC or TMHP. Failure to update enrollment information could result in HHSC placing claims on vendor hold or the termination of your enrollment per the pharmacy enrollment agreement.