Data Files

VDP uses the data files below to populate the various searches on our website. Each data file has a layout document identifying the name and size of each field available on the file. 

Refer to the instructions on how to download and locally review the data file.

Data File NameData File Layout Document
Drug Index (text)File Layout Document
Product Index (text)File Layout Document
Clinical Prior Authorization Index (text)File Layout Document

Clinician-Administered Drug Index (text)

Clinician-Administered Drug Index (Excel)

File Layout information
HTW and HTW Plus Program Formulary (Excel) *File Layout Document
Managed Care Resources Index (text)File Layout Document
Pharmacy Index (text)File Layout Document
Prescriber Index (ZIP, Excel)File Layout Document


  • † Weekly published file, last updated March 25, 2024
  • ‡ Quarterly published file, last updated May 7, 2024
  • * File last updated Feb. 2024