Managed Care

Pharmacy providers must enroll with Medicaid before participating in managed care pharmacy networks.

  • Learn about the different Medicaid programs, including STAR, STAR+PLUS, STAR Health, STAR Kids, and the combined Medicare-Medicaid health plan for people with both Medicare and Medicaid coverage.

  • The Service Area Assistance Chart (PDF) provides a breakout of the managed care organizations serving each service delivery area (SDA).

  • The Pharmacy MCO Enrollment Chart (PDF) identifies how pharmacy providers with questions pertaining to a new, pending, or existing contract can contact each MCO and pharmacy benefits manager (PBM).

Complaint Process

Refer to the MCO Complaint Process

Prior Authorization

Some Medicaid drugs are subject to one or both types of prior authorization, clinical and non-preferred.  There are certain clinical prior authorizations all Medicaid MCOs are required to perform.  Usage of all other clinical prior authorizations will vary between MCOs at the discretion of each MCO. 

Prescribing providers or their representatives should contact the MCO's prior authorization call center.  The Prescriber MCO Assistance Chart (PDF) identifies each MCO's prior authorization and member call center.  The MCO must notify the prescribing provider of authorization approval or denial within 24 hours of the time of the request.