Managed Care Search

The Managed Care Organization (MCO) Resources search contains pharmacy-related information pertaining to all HHSC-contracted MCOs. Users can search the database by submitting a combination of the following fields:

  • MCO name
  • Program name (i.e., STAR, CHIP, STAR-PLUS, etc.)
  • Service area (location)
  • Pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) name

The search results return the above four fields with all records meeting your search criteria. Users can click the hyperlink in the MCO Name column for more details.

The search details include the following information:

  • MCO name
  • Service area
  • Program
  • PBM name and effective date
  • How to contact the MCO to enroll as a pharmacy and durable medical equipment provider
  • Pharmacy, member, and prior authorization call center phone numbers
  • Pharmacy claims billing information (BIN, PCN, and Group ID fields)
  • Links to MCO websites

HHSC updates the search weekly, usually every Monday morning. The data used in the search is also available for download as a delimited text file. Refer to the VDP Website Handbook for search instructions and information about the data.