A-3.1. Policy Statement

The Conflict of Interest policy sets forth expectations relating to the ethical conduct of those persons who have been appointed to the Texas Drug Utilization Review (DUR) Board.

Persons appointed to the Board must be free of personal financial interests and relationships that may conflict with their duties as to the Medical DUR Program established under the Social Security Act §1927(g) and Texas Government Code section531.0735. Specifically, per Texas Government Code section 531.0737, a Board member must not have a contractual relationship with or an ownership interest or other interest in a pharmaceutical manufacturer or labeler or an entity engaged by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) to assist in the development of the preferred drug lists or administration of the Board.

People appointed to the Board are expected to maintain a high level of integrity that warrants public trust, including complying with all applicable ethics guidance provided by the HHS Ethics Office and all aspects of the Texas Open Meetings Act and Public Information Act.

The purpose of the policy, which applies to both voting and non-voting Board members, is to protect HHSC's interest when entering into a transaction or arrangement that could potentially benefit the private interest of a Board member or their family member or relative.