A-5. Documents

HHSC publishes the following documents on the VDP website Agendas and Documents page (txvendordrug.com/resources/drug-utilization-review-board/agendas-and-documents):

  • Yearly Tentative Drug Class Review
    • At the end of each calendar year, HHSC publishes a tentative schedule of the drug classes planned for review at each year’s DUR board meetings. HHSC establishes the schedule and accounts for various seasonal health conditions, such as influenza
  • Quarterly Tentative Drug Class Review
    • Identifies drug classes on the Yearly Tentative Drug Class Review Schedule proposed for review at the next quarterly DUR board meeting. Published before each Texas Drug Utilization Review Board meeting
  • Agenda
    • HHSC publishes the board agenda of all drugs and drug classes for review 10-to-15 days before the meeting date.
  • Meeting summary
    • HHSC publishes a review of the meeting within 10 business days, including links to the webcast and previous meeting’s minutes, as well as clinical prior authorization and preferred drug list updates
  • Meeting minutes
    • The board reviews and approves the minutes of the previous meeting.
  • Preferred Drug List Recommendations
    • The board recommends drugs and drug classes for inclusion to the PDL based on clinical, financial, and safety at each board meeting. HHSC publishes a list of the recommendations within 10 business days after each meeting.
  • Preferred Drug List Decisions
    • The Texas HHSC Executive Commissioner reviews and approves the list of recommended PDL changes. HHSC publishes the list of the approved decisions on the Vendor Drug Program website 2-3 months after each meeting.