Prospective Drug Utilization Review

Prospective DUR (ProDUR) is a review of a person’s medication record and prescription drug orders prior to dispensing.

The ProDUR review of drug therapy is performed before each prescription is filled or delivered to the person, typically at the point-of-sale or point of distribution.  This process assists the pharmacist by addressing situations in which potential drug problems may exist.  ProDUR performed prior to dispensing helps pharmacists ensure that the person receives appropriate medications.  This is accomplished by providing information through messaging from the claim submission system to the dispensing pharmacist that may not have been previously available particularly if the person is using more than one pharmacy.

The prospective review includes:

  • Screening for potential drug therapy problems due to therapeutic duplication
  • Drug-disease contraindications
  • Drug-drug interactions (including serious interactions with nonprescription or over-the-counter drugs)
  • Incorrect drug dosage or duration of drug treatment
  • Drug-allergy interactions
  • Clinical prior authorizations
  • Clinical abuse/misuse

HHSC uses the compendia and literature as its source of standards for such review.

The ProDUR processes of the VDP pharmacy claims system examines all pharmacy claims.  As a result, drugs that interact, or are affected by previously dispensed medications, can be detected.  VDP recognizes that the pharmacist uses his or her education and professional judgment in all aspects of dispensing.  ProDUR is offered as an informational tool to aid the pharmacist in performing his/her professional duties.  Most ProDUR edits are driven by day supply, making it important that this field is reported correctly.