Drug Shortages

We encourage pharmacy providers to notify HHSC about potential drug shortages impacting prescribing choice and pharmacy claim processing using the Drug Shortage Notification (HHS Form 1315). The state encourages reporting of significant drug shortages affecting multiple pharmacies and distributors which will have a continuing adverse impact on people enrolled in Medicaid if not resolved promptly. The process ensures notification of alternatives to the shorted drug, the timeline of the shortage, and the drug’s availability for use.

Requestors should provide as much of the following information on the form, including:

  • Reason for reporting the shortage
  • The extent of shortage, if known
  • Estimated length of issue timeline
  • Product status change
  • Change in status requiring new application or NDC change
  • Alternatives
  • Published notices or resources (such as FDA, American Society of Health System Pharmacists, etc.)

Referrals should recommend an alternative with a supply chain so extra demand will not cause another shortage.